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How to Replace Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 2?

How to Replace Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 2?
Do you ever wonder what a water filter does and why you should replace it timely? Generally, a water filter helps to keep the water or the ice from your fridge taste better and clean. Whirlpool recommends replacing the water filter every six months to ensure it works correctly.
In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on how you can replace your refrigerator's water filter. It is just a simple step that will take a short time. This guide includes many main models of Whirlpool refrigerators, such as:
  • 1ET25DKXGW00
  • 2-A Y
  • 3EAD19XMWR1
  • 3ECKMF10
  • 3ECKMF8
  • 3ECKMF86
    Before knowing the steps, if you don't have the replacement water filter go and get it. You can order them online but choose a trustworthy website. Once you get the correct water filter, you can replace it by following these steps.

    Step 1: Locate your water Filter

    The first step is locating the water filter; it depends on the model of refrigerator you have. Filter either inside the fridge up in the right-hand side back corner or the grille at the bottom of your fridge. If you can't find it, You can check your user manual.

    Step 2: Get prepared

    • It is a tip to place a towel under the Filter in your fridge or on the floor if it is outside the refrigerator to avoid water spilling on the floor.
    • Remove all the items from the fridge to make them easy to access, and safely remove the water filter.
    • If your refrigerator has an ice maker, make sure to turn it off while replacing the water filter.
    • You may also need to turn off your water supply if your refrigerator doesn't automatically turn off when you remove the water filter ( most new refrigerators have this feature).
    • Also, you don't need to turn the power off while changing the water filter since you won't come into contact with any electrical components.

      Step 3 Remove the old Filter

      • If your water filter is located in the grille, you can easily remove it by pressing the button on the left; then, you can pull off the Filter. But if your Filter has no button, you can remove it by turning it counterclockwise, and it will come out.
      • If your refrigerator has a water filter inside the fridge, you must remove the cover, or you can push it up in some models. Once you remove the lid, push the button and pull it off. Or if you can't see the button, turn the water filler counterclockwise until it becomes loose, then remove it.
      • Sometimes it is hard to remove the water filter. If you face the same problem, press it a little hard, which should loosen it up so it can come out.
      • At this point, you have removed the old Filter successfully.

        Step 4 - Install the new Filter

        • Some filter models have a cap on them that need to be removed that should be removed from the old one and screwed onto the new Filter.
        • After that, place the new Filter into place, and some ways depending on the Filter, either you have to push it in, or you have to turn it clockwise until it secures it in place, or if it has a button, you need to click it into place.
        • While doing this, you should remember that your new Filter is placed the same as the old one.
        • Doble check the Filter to ensure it is installed correctly to avoid water leaks.

          Step 5 - Flush out the water

          • After installing the new water filter correctly, you must flush out the water in your refrigerator to eliminate old, tainted water. According to Whirlpool, you must drain around 4 gallons of water after installing the new Filter.
          • After flushing out all the old water, you can turn on the ice maker and also turn on the water supply if you turn it off.
          • Lastly, on some models of Whirlpool refrigerators, light is present, and it turned up when the water filter needed to be charged. Your refrigerator has this feature. It would help if you pressed it to reset it.

            Water filters are the most essential part of any Refrigerator. They will filter the water and ice of our refrigerator, but it is necessary to replace it after every six months to stay healthy. You can replace this Filter with your own by following some simple steps but ensure you choose the right one according to your refrigerator model.

            To wind up

            Now you know how to replace your water filter by following simple steps. Remember to choose the right Whirlpool refrigerator water filter 2 according to your model. If you choose the wrong one, it will not fit into your refrigerator, which is a total waste for you. You can check your user manual or ask professionals. They will guide you on which Filter is best for your refrigerator. After finding a suitable Filter for your refrigerator, you can replace the new one with the old one.

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