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How to change Kenmore refrigerator water filter

How to change Kenmore refrigerator water filter

             Changing an Interior Water Filter

Refrigerators have filters to remove contaminants from your water and ice dispenser, but you need to change them every 6 months to keep them fresh. Refrigerator water filter is very useful for us. Among this Kenmore water filter is one of the best. There are two types of water filter like, Interior Water Filter & Bottom Water filter. Below are the rules for installing water filters. 

1.  Get a new filter that fits in your refrigerator model: Find the model number of your fridge on the inside wall of your fridge or in the user manual if you have it. When you get a new filter, make sure it’s compatible with the fridge you have, or else it may not work or fit. You can either buy the same brand filter as your fridge or a third-party filter that fits in your model.

Kenmore Interior Water Filter

2.  Locate the filter compartment inside your fridge: You don't even need your user manual for this, since it's almost always possible to predict the filter location based on your fridge's basic info:

  • All smart fridges: Top left corner (sometimes behind the top shelf).
  • French door fridges (two fridge doors with a bottom freezer): In the fridge door, inside the lowest compartment. 
  • Side-by-side fridge/freezers (two full-length doors): For most models, in the top right corner. For some (like the Kenmore 5175x series). 
  • If you don't see the filter compartment in any of these places, check for a small dial near the crisper drawers.
Kenmore Interior Water Filter

3.  Push or pull the tab on the filter compartment to open it: Check for a button or tab on the end of the cylinder closest to you. Either push or pull the tab to open the compartment and expose the old filter.


Kenmore Interior Water Filter

4. Twist the filter counterclockwise and pull it out: Grab the main body of the filter and spin it counterclockwise to loosen it. Rotate the filter by a quarter turn and carefully pull it toward you to take it out. If your filter doesn’t twist when you try to rotate it, then it may simply pull straight out of the compartment. Once you remove the filter, you can throw it away or recycle it. 

Kenmore Interior Water Filter

 5. Take the seal off the end of the new filter: Take the new filter out of the box and locate the cap on one end. Pull the cap off of the new filter to expose the port that connects to your fridge. Some filters may also have a piece of foil covering the end as well. If your filter has foil, be sure to remove it before putting the filter back in your fridge.

Kenmore Interior Water Filter

 6. Screw the new filter clockwise into the compartment:  Feed the end of the filter with the port into the hole inside the filter compartment. Keep the filter horizontal, so you can easily line up the threading to screw it in. Rotate the filter clockwise by a quarter turn to secure the filter in place. Once the filter is attached, close the compartment to seal it.

  • If your filter doesn’t screw in, then simply push the port into the end of the filter to secure it.
Kenmore Interior Water Filter

7. Press the “Filter Reset” button if the light above it is yellow or red: When you change your filter, the “Filter Reset” button near your water dispenser may have a yellow or red light. Once the new filter is in place, hold the button down for about 3 seconds, so your fridge detects the new filter. The light will either go out or it will turn a blue or green color.

  •  The buttons may be on the inside of your fridge door if they aren’t in front.
  •  If the light doesn’t change colors, then try taking out the filter and putting it back in again.

       Replacing a Filter on the Bottom of Your Fridge


      1.  Buy a new filter that fits your refrigerator model: Check the model number on your fridge, either in the user manual or on the inside of your fridge. Write the model number down, so you don’t forget it. Look online or in appliance stores for filters that are compatible with your fridge, or else the filter won’t fit or work properly.

    • You can choose a filter made by Kenmore or you can buy a third-party filter as long as it fits your refrigerator.
    • Filters cost about $30 USD each, but you may be able to save money by getting multiple at a time.
    Kenmore Bottom Water Filter

      2. Twist the dial on the bottom of the fridge counterclockwise to pull it out: Locate the filter dial attached to the grill underneath your fridge doors. Turn the dial counterclockwise by a quarter turn to unlock it from place, and then pull the filter straight out of your fridge until it’s completely removed. 

      • Lay a small hand towel underneath the filter compartment in case it drips water when you remove it.
      Kenmore Bottom Water Filter

        3. Slide the dial handle onto the new filter: See which way the dial slides on the end of your old filter, and push or pull the dial perpendicular to the filter to detach it. Line up the edges on the end of your new filter with the slot on the dial and slide it into place until it’s secure. You can throw away or recycle your old filter when you’re finished.

        • If the dial doesn’t slide off, try pulling the dial until it pops off the filter. Then push the dial onto the end of the new filter.
        Kenmore Bottom Water Filter

          4. Feed the new filter back into your fridge and turn it clockwise: Push the end of the filter that connects to your fridge into the filter compartment until it clicks into place. Rotate the dial clockwise by a quarter turn to lock it back in place. Once the filter is secure, you can use the water dispenser and ice cube maker in your fridge again. 

          • Push the filter in until it secures itself if you pressed a button to remove the old one.
          Kenmore Bottom Water Filter

            5. Hold the “Filter Reset” button for 3 seconds if it has an orange or yellow light: Replacing the filter may cause an error in your fridge if it senses it was missing. Locate the “Filter Reset” button near your water dispenser and hold it down for 3 seconds. The light will change from yellow or orange to green or blue.

            • Modern fridges may have a touchscreen menu to reset the filter.
            • If the light doesn’t change colors, then try removing the filter and putting it back in again.

             Both types of filter require a minimal amount of work, so just be sure you have a replacement filter that fits your fridge model! The water filter that you have in your refrigerator should be replaced on a regular basis. You can avoid expensive service calls and repairs by simply changing the water filter.

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