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Refrigerator Water Filters NSF Certified

Do you want to purchase the best refrigerator water filter to get clean & best-testing water? You are right place here you will find a carbon filtration-activated fridge water filter able to remove all contaminants in your water.

Also here you will find filters for every brand at cheaper prices & all of the filters meet OEM standards to give you clean, clear, better-tasting water every time.


WaterFilo Mission

Our aim is to make every effort for great efficiency and mutual benefit by providing the world’s best refrigerator water filters and excellent service.

Our main goal is to maintain customer satisfaction with the highest-quality refrigerator water filter products at the most competitive prices.

We at Waterfilo are committed to providing you with cleaner and fresher drinking water by removing contaminants from your tap water through our world-class, NSF/ANSI-certified fridge water filter.

Hence, we ensure you the safest drinking water and healthy life.


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What Customer's Say!

A great place to shop. We have used these filters for several years in our refrigerators.It is a great place to shop for these filters.


This is the second time I have purchased Kenmore water filters for my refrigerator.
The filters work well, are a perfect fit for my Whirlpool refrigerator and were easy to install.


Great price and good product. Cheaper than buying from local stores. Delivery was fast. Was surprised how much less I paid!! already saved 50$


Just received my replacement water filter. It installed with ease and fitsperfectly! Great value!


I ordered the water filters and they arrived in pristine condition without drama. A good product for a fair price. What more can I ask?


The replacement filter fit perfectly in the refrigerator. I was able to replace very quickly and without any issues.


Why Waterfilo?

We Provide Quality Refrigerator Filters

We only sell refrigerator water filter types that have quality seals from the WQA and NSF. The Water Quality Association evaluates refrigerator filters, and each refrigerator filter is marked with the ISO 9001 rating and the NSF seal. We do not sell filters of low quality or any refrigerator filter that does not match your refrigerator water filter specs. You will learn quickly that your refrigerator filter changes the quality of the water you drink, and you should ensure that your family is drinking adequate amounts of water daily. The average person is supposed to consume 8 glasses of water per day. Our quality guidelines help your family drink the proper amount of water every day without consuming dangerous contaminants.

Save Money With WaterFilo

We at Waterfilo are here to provide you with the best refrigerator water filter at a very lower price than the other sellers, which saves you money without sacrificing quality.

Free Shipping

Get all the branded refrigerator water filters all over the U.S.A. with free shipping. There is no requirement of a minimum order quantity (MOQ) to have free shipping like other sellers.

WaterFilo Features

Best Collection

Great collection of refrigerator water filters. Waterfilo has a well-known branded fridge water filter collection. Also, you will find a refrigerator water filter which is an aftermarket version. And those are product top branded & less expensive price. Every six months you should replace your refrigerator water filter. And it is a very important & easy step to get clean & better water. That's why we always recommend that remove old fridge filter & set up a new filter at least every six months or depending on your usage. Replacing your old refrigerator water filter can help remove all the contaminants from your fridge water and make it clean & provide you with better water to drink.

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WaterFilo sells well-known branded refrigerator water filters like Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Everydrop, Kenmore, etc. These are all fridge filters well certified to meet or exceed OEM/NSF/ANSI standards for removing contaminants from drinking water. WaterFilo also sells aftermarkets of those brand filters which filter remove the same contaminants but at a cheaper cost. We recommend trying our aftermarkets refrigerator water filter as they will cost you less but still provide you with the same clean & great tasting water.

Service Ability

Our refrigerator water filter is able to remove all contaminants and particles completely. All of our fridge filters used activated carbon those are absorb potentially harmful contaminants from your drinking water. But over time carbon does become less effective at capturing pollutants, and this is when we recommend replacing your filter. We have all the branded fridge filters & aftermarkets filters in a 1-pack, 2-pack, or 3-pack you can save money.

Loyalty & Support

If you are confused that what kind of refrigerator water filter you need without any hesitation simply contact us we will help you to find the best fridge filter. We support our customers 24/7. Simply select your fridge brand, fridge style, fridge filter location, and removal type, and we'll show you the filter that will fit your fridge. It's as simple as that. You can also subscribe and get our fridge filters delivered straight to your home every six months so you never have to worry about re-ordering your refrigerator water filters again!

Here you can read some articles on various refrigerator water filter-related problems that you face regularly

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Some of the regular common questions & answer whats in your mind (FAQ)

Why I should replace my refrigerator water filter?

You should replace your refrigerator water filter to get cleaner, better & safe water. The fridge water filter should be changed every six months. If you drink polluted water continuously it eventually causes several health issues. A water filter can help to remove the contaminants in your drinking water to leave your family safe. Enjoy clean & better tasting water.

On refrigerator water filter what does mean by OEM/NSF/ ANSI certified?

Very common certification standards for refrigerator water filters are NSF/ANSI/OEM which relates to reduction claims for chlorine taste and odor and another article relates to reduction claims for over 50 contaminants, including lead, cysts, VOC, and many others (health effects).

When I should replace my refrigerator water filter?

Well, we always recommend that you should change your refrigerator water filter every six months. Also, many water filter manufacturers sometimes publish statements like, "change filter every 500 gallons or 6 months, whichever comes first". To be safe you should change your filter regularly every six months and ensure your family has healthy water.

Is a refrigerator water filter able to remove contaminants from drinking water?

Yes, A certified water filter is completely able to remove all the contaminants which are present in your drinking water. A fridge water filter's main purpose is to improve the taste and smell of your drinking water. Manufacturers assume that the water entering the refrigerator is potable and safe to drink.

Which refrigerator water filter I should buy?

If you know your refrigerator brand, model, the location of the filter, and how it unlocks. You can easily buy the best water filter for your fridge. And if have any trouble or are confused simply contact we will help you to reach out & provide you best service. Let's know which water filter you need.

What are the aftermarket filters?

Aftermarkets usually possess quality comparable to the OEM, at a lesser cost. Aftermarkets are made by many different manufacturers and replace the original product. You can purchase it at a very cheap price.

What is the installation process for the fridge filter?

For most filters:
1. Unlock the old filter by rotating it counterclockwise
2. Pulling it out.
3. Tuning the new filter in the opposite direction and lock it.

Installation steps depend on which branded refrigerator water filter you use. You will find specific installation instructions on each product page.
For installation of your refrigerator water filter no need to hire a plumber.

What should I consider when choosing the best refrigerator water filter?

1. Refrigerator water filter compatibility with fridge model number.
2. Certification of the filter such as NSF or ANSI.
3. Extra certifications of fridge filters like WQA.
4. Installation process.
5. Fridge filter replacement frequency.

What is the process of resetting the filter change light on the fridge?

If you install a new filter on your fridge. You will need to reset the indicator light. Usually press and hold the "Reset" button for 8-10 seconds. It will notify you.

What does indicator light mean?

Green Light: It means the filter is new and does not need to be changed.
Yellow Light: It means the filter is in the middle of its life expectancy.
Red Light: It means the filter needs to be changed immediately.

What kind of pollutants is present in your drinking water?

According to EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) herbicides, copper, asbestos, dirt, and sediment are just to name a few of the pollutants that can be found in your drinking water. Your tap water can be polluted in many different ways. There are so many water treatment facilities designed to disinfect your water by removing water contaminants.

What is the process of a flush in a fridge water filter?

To flush your fridge filter you have to follow several steps..
1. Take a large water container or bucket
2. Take one-gallon water from the bucket
3. Through the filter run the water
Repeat steps 1-3 times until you have flushed 3-5 gallons of water. you should run 3-5 gallons of water before using your filter. If you have faced any trouble while setting up your fridge filter, please contact us we will help you to reach out.

Do you have NSF/ANSI certificate for your fridge water filter?

Yes, We have. We are the certified water filter seller that is the NSF/ANSI. If a products hold this certification it means your drinking water will be safe to drink. After the product has been tested and verified to operate at high standards the NSF/ANSI certification assures that your water filter is fit for use in the USA, Canada, and many other countries.

Is it really refrigerator water filter work well?

Most definitely! Refrigerator water filters clear pollutants by forcing the water through activated carbon, which is located inside the filters. The carbon acts like a pollutant magnet, trapping pollutants and particles and the end product is clean, healthy drinking water for you and your family. A refrigerator water filter works by removing a large number of harmful pollutants that can enter your tap water. Tap water can be polluted with lead, rust, sediment, and many other contaminants. The refrigerator water filter has a carbon active technology that removes all these harmful contaminants and provides you with the best water to keep you safe.

Does brand matter in refrigerator water filters?

Actually, no. There are tons of refrigerator replacement filters available on the market that are certainly compatible with your refrigerator. More often, you’ll get those refrigerator filters at a very cheap price with a high-quality filtration system. You just need to look at the certification to see if it is NSF or ANSI-certified or not.

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